Magically bonded!

July 26, 2010

I know its love when something bigger then you and me seems to connect us! When the only surprises are the similarities of experiences rather then difference! Something out there is working for the both us,- building my faith in this love!


A possession possessed

June 7, 2010

June 5, 2010

Life- a creature with ever changing moods..

June 5, 2010

we are only going to die anyways…

Write me a letter…

June 5, 2010

The love affair between words and humans has been going on forever. Biologically we only need water, nutrition and oxygen to survive, but in my opinion we also need contact- human contact. Communications with others is one of our needs, its an urge that needs to be fulfilled. To see it this way, communication is not a hunger rather a craving, only satisfied through choice of the certain flavor, certain people. I am not sure if you ever experienced this but every things feels better after you have said it out loud, every decision feels righteous, every mistake starts to seem human, every fear loses its intimidation, every goal starts to seem reachable and every loss bearable and broken heart mend-able.  There is something about power of conversation that is so healing. That is not to deny the pain that caused by words themselves. Wounds by words run deeper, and scar for life. Simple words like ‘love’ ‘hate’ ‘No’ ‘Yes’, can bring a smile on our faces and happiness to our hearts. But dangerous combinations such as ‘what-if’, ‘its to late’ or ‘I am sorry’ can weigh the world down on our heart, drag it across the ground, and tear it to shreds.

I find there is something so beautiful about written words. A conversation with someone who matters has all the power in the world to bring you happiness, and smile on your face, but how much of those words are true? We  humans are social experts, over the years of training we understand enough telepathy to know what the other person wants to hear… I love you is often followed by I love you too. It just seems natural that way. The desired answer. I receive enough of desired answers in my day… The cashier at Mcdonald’s wishes me a good day, and my greetings are replied to when I enter the room. But what I really want to listen to is what the heart means to say. Written words, have the beauty of being scripted by the heart, not by the tone of voice of the person sitting across, or the question asked previously. They are scripted by the heart over time, to truly tell what it is meant to be said.  Promises made in letters are more truthful then promises made at a candle-light lit table.

For all of you out there, who are losing the value of the written word day by day, through your cell phone calls, IM’s and video chats, write someone who matters a letter, there is something so beautiful about it.

Let’s Talk…

May 30, 2010

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May 30, 2010

I would rather have stars….They stay all night, and come back the next night…


May 30, 2010

Home is not where you spend most of your time, neither it is a place you own and call yours. Home is where a conversation takes place between your soul and the structure- peace could be found without hours of silence. For now, I am homeless… worse of then many who.. call this home…

In the world of fiction there are good guys, the heroes, who always doo good and then there are the bad guys, the villains- who work on their evil egocentric agendas. In the real world, everyone is a hero and lives within them a subconscious villain. And that’s how evil lives in this world operate, within the labelled good beings.

-leap with me!

April 15, 2010

Would you leap with me?…
follow my lead, to the great unknown, not knowing where you land- in a place of  love or worse… Would you leap?